Mexico – A Top Destination

Mexico will cast a spell on you, enticing your senses with its colours, food, history and beaches. You will leave with a new zest for life, after experiencing the countries vibrancy, spirituality and magic.

Falling in love with Mexico is an intoxicating experience. Lose yourself among the swarms of people in Mexico city, experience the mysteries of Mexico’s past, exploring Mayan ruins, slow down and find your zen in the Mexican Riviera or party with the best of them in Cabo.

Mexico is a country whose impact will stay with you long after you leave and here we tell you why Mexico is a destination not to be missed.

Nature at its best

There are an abundance of scenic wonders to be found throughout Mexico, with almost every known ecosystem found in the one country, this really is nature at its best and is one of the many reasons Mexico is a popular tourist destination.

Offering spectacular white sand and tropical clear blue waters, the beaches of Mexico are one of its biggest draw cards.

Swim beneath the ruins at Tulum, consistently named Mexico’s top beach. Other popular beaches include Puerto Vallarta, Play del Carmen and Cabo San Lucus.

Mayan Charm

Steeped in the ancient Mayan tradition, Mexico offers a unique spiritual history with ancient ruins dotted throughout. These archeological wonders promise magical experiences not to be forgotten.

Evident is the lasting impact this fascinating culture has had.

Follow the route of the Mayans and take a dip in one the cenotes, the sacred spaces of the Mayans offer visual spectacles and a stunning place to cool down.


A trip to Mexico is enriched by its passion and flair for cuisine. The unique mix of flavors from both the Aztec and Spanish cultures has created a cuisine that has been added to the UNESCO world’s ‘intangible cultural heritage’.

Cuisine offered in Mexico goes beyond your imaginings of tequila and tacos and is both a taste and visual sensation.

Up All Night

Mexico is best be experienced at night, when the streets come alive with music and dancing. This bustling nightlife is not contained to tradition with certain areas dedicate to wild partying.

Mexico City offers something for everyone, you can wander the streets for hours.

On the extreme end of the spectrum Cabo San Lucus is for the dedicated partier, where beachside clubs, loud music and loads of alcohol are the norm.


Designer Mexico: Set on a hill in the charming tropical town of Sayulita, overlooking the beautiful Pacific coastline of Mexico. This newly renovated, designer vacation home offers 360 degree views and its own lush garden. Featuring a tree top plunge pool with ocean views and a Mexican-style open air living area, you wont want to leave.

Oceans Dream: This is a property like no other. Located within a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this luxurious villa is situated on one of the most pristine and beautiful beaches in the area. An exquisitely designed home for groups of families and friends wanting to get away from it all.

Luxury Mexico: Perched on a hill above Puerto Vallart’s romantic district in Las Amapas, Luxury Mexico boasts expansive and 100% unobstructed views of all of Puerto Vallarta and the entire Bay of Banderas and Pacific Ocean beyond.

Amazing Places, Hidden Gems: Wuzhen, China

After traveling in Japan for a week and attending the China International Travel Mart (CITM) in Shanghai for two days, there was no doubt I wanted a much needed break from my rather intensive two-week purchasing/inspection trip of Asia. I had already been to Shanghai a dozen times, inspected countless hotels and visited most of the nearby towns – so “where to go” on this day off remained the lingering question.

Somewhere along the line during the conference, I met an industry colleague who told me about a place called Wuzhen located not too far outside Shanghai. Excited about the prospect of this new destination, and frankly some R&R, I Googled “Wuzhen” and was disappointed to find little information (not even TripAdvisor!) as most websites on Wuzhen were only in Chinese. Not wanting to walk Nanjing Street, the Bund and Xintiandi for the 13th or 14th time, I decided to take a leap of faith. I called our local agent and had them arrange me a guide, car and an overnight stay in Wuzhen.

On the two-and-a-half hour mostly highway drive to Wuzhen on that very Saturday, I had little expectations of what I was about to see. Having visited several watertowns of similar description in the region on previous trips, I was anticipating more of the same and likely “roughing it” for the night as these little towns typically have only basic accommodations that cater to domestic travelers. To my surprise, a very pleasant one nevertheless, I was delighted by Wuzhen’s serene, almost surreal, atmosphere upon reaching the old town on a short ride across the pond via a large, hand rowed wooden sampan. Wuzhen is quaint, spotlessly clean and picturesque. It is an ancient watertown of unsurpassed charm that dates back 1,300 years, and the village’s two-kilometer section of the Grand Canal is part of the world’s longest man-made canal system spanning 1,200 miles connecting Beijing in the north and Hangzhou in the south.

Wuzhen is romantic yet family oriented, tranquil yet vibrant, ancient yet chic. Upon stepping foot on the cobbled streets of this ancient watertown, it takes no time for one to realize you’re in a very special place – one that is steeped in history in the quaintest and most picturesque setting nearly extinct in today’s modern and hectic world. Recently awarded one of China’s Top Ten Historical & Cultural Towns, civilization in Wuzhen, then and now, centers around its sprawling Grand Canal that connects a string of islands via centuries-old stone and wooden bridges. Strolling along this ancient water village offers one of the most enchanting experiences to locals and visitors alike. Must do: a ride on a wooden sampan that allows one to explore every nook and cranny of the water village that further heightens the senses.

Art galleries, waterside teahouses, quaint boutique shops and cobbled alleyways beautifully complement the Ming Dynasty Era water town’s quiet canals and ancient bridges. But unlike most tourist spots, you will not find flamboyant storefronts, postcard and souvenir stands or even signage for hotels and restaurants here. Each lodging, dining and shopping outlet is tastefully disguised as an ordinary home to preserve the pristine heritage setting as it was centuries ago. So while Wuzhen is indeed a tourist destination, it is far from being touristy.

Besides its surreal ambience reminiscent of ancient China, Wuzhen boasts a myriad of exhibits and workshops suitable for all ages. Day and night, there are numerous cultural and engaging attractions and activities that are both intriguing and educational – everything from a Shoe-making Workshop to an Ancient Bed Museum to a Wedding Museum; and fascinating shows like the Huagu Opera, Shadow Play and Martial Arts performances will delight even the most seasoned traveler.

For the photographer, Wuzhen is a dream. Photo opportunities abound at just about every turn, every vantage point – at every minute of the day. At sunrise, Wuzhen turns golden as the bright orange sun radiates off its stone bridges, waterside homes and tranquil waters while multi-colored skies create a dramatic, postcard-like effect at sunset. At night, the vibrantly lit canals, bridges and glimmering red lanterns reflect off the calm waterways to produce an entirely different ambience unlike anywhere in the world. For the foodie, Wuzhen is filled with delectable delights – everything from delicious rice cake stands to mouthwatering noodle shops and to fine Western cuisine, most of which boast open air dining commanding stunning views of the canal. Once nightfall, Wuzhen comes alive with its bustling atmosphere of happy people, colorful shops, outdoor performances and an eclectic array of pubs and bars with live music.

China has countless spectacular off-the-beaten-path places but not all them have adequate accommodations (and English) to cater to the Western Folk. I fully expected that of Wuzhen. And having spent hours walking the old town, I had forgotten about the somewhat ‘dreaded” overnight stay, especially just having spent two nights at the beautiful Peninsula Shanghai. Since I did not notice any hotels or lodges walking around town for a good part of the day, I envisioned some small grungy guest house outside of the scenic zone would be where I’d spend the night (which would have been fine, and worth it, given how much I enjoyed Wuzhen). Until my guide takes a sharp left turn, that is, on to a small alleyway that branched off the Grand Canal. With no obvious signs leading up to that point, I was met by the amazement of the hotel entrance to the single-storied Waterside Resort that boasts a beautiful courtyard surrounded by small canals and a well appointed lobby of shiny marble flooring. Upon traversing through maze-like corridors to my room, I was relieved to see a charming guest room of traditional wooden Chinese décor – nice bath, coffee/tea maker and even a mini-bar. This was icing on the cake, I thought. Just then, I peeled open the curtains and was completely blown away by the room’s private terrace that sits literally on the small canal over the water. Immediately and almost instinctively I poured myself a class of wine and there I was in paradise.

Later that evening, I spent a few relaxing hours strolling around town, taking pictures and soaking in the bustling yet sophisticated atmosphere. Along the way, I sampled some delicious local flavors including the spicy lamb soup noodle that I saw being prepared earlier in the day and some home-dumplings at a different joint. I then proceeded to explore the nightlife at a couple of happening bars with live music near Renji Bridge at the far end of the Old Town. On my way back to Waterside Resort, I couldn’t resist the temptation of having at least s glass of wine at Ripples that boasts a nice selection of wines from 20 countries overlooking the Grand Canal. What a way to end an enchanting stay in such an unexpected way.

Having had the opportunity to travel much of China, I can honestly say Wuzhen is truly a hidden gem, an oasis, and a special place for those looking for a unique experience to relax, unwind and appreciate China of old. Since my visit in 2012, there’s been a lot more information available online on this little hideaway – so the secret’s out and Wuzhen is hidden no more. Being just a stone’s throw from Shanghai, it can be awfully tempting to do Wuzhen as a daytrip. Don’t. You will positively not do this place (or yourself for that matter) justice not spending at least an evening to soak up its serene and heritage atmosphere. There are a dozen or so well appointed accommodations ranging from guest houses to B&Bs to deluxe resorts that will meet the needs of just about any traveler. But book early. Rooms fill up fast now that the secret is out.

A Walk on the Great Wall of China – Life Time Experience for You

Once upon a time the Great China Wall was built to keep the country protected from foreign attack. History says it took 2000 years almost to complete the whole structure. A walk on the Great Wall is not a mere walk it is on the nostalgia and of the glorious past of China. The wall was extended for 2700 miles from the Yellow Sea to Gobi Dessert. The walk means the discovery of the wall from its tourism aspect as well as from its historical aspects.

The tour on the Great Wall of China is comprised of fragmented walk which helps tourists to explore the Wall in its versatile character. The highlight of this tour consists of:

• Visiting Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City
• Visiting Old Dragons Head: the point where the Wall has met the sea.
• Visiting Jiaoshan -the eastern section of the wall
• Visiting Panjiakou for a boating course where the wall has crossed waterbody.
• Visiting Eastern Qing Tombs to see Imperial Tomb Complex of the Qing Dynasty near Zunhua
• The tour starts from Simatai and allows the tourists to come back again at Jinshanling.

Tourists may take the entire tour or they make avail some of the parts of the entire program as per their personal discretion.

Stepping out across the peaceful semi-ruin of a section of the Great Wall of China is like walking in the footsteps of the past. Far from the madding tourist crowds we are able to get a great sense of the scale and the majesty of this remarkable piece of engineering without rushing through in a big group. As we trek along various contrasting sections of the wall, both dilapidated and rebuilt stretches; the old sections have a romantic feel, but the new ones may look odd to people who are used to seeing their ancient monuments in a poor state, but since the wall was constructed over a 2000 year period, the new sections are just a continuation of that process. We will get closer to day-to-day life in rural China before returning to Beijing, a city steeped in history yet plunging headlong into modernity.

Tips to enjoy the tour most

It is quite obvious that you will be enjoying the Great Wall for once. It is always wise to keep some specific things to remember so that your walk to China tour becomes the most enjoyable.

It is better to catch the early morning bus going for the wall. You best plan for great wall walk should be completed by one day time. In case you want to go for an extensive tour, always check the reputation of your tour operator.

Keeping care of health is one of the prerequisites of the tour. Take double care so that you take a first aid box with including band aids, anti-nausea medicine, anti-allergic, and anti-cold medicines.

Prefer wearing loose cotton clothes. Do not forget taking scarves if you are visiting the Great Wall of China in summer or in winter. Take sunscreen lotion with you. Prefer a footwear which is covered, light, and have good grip. It will keep your walk safe.

Amazing Dolphin Facts to Read Before a Florida Holiday

Alongside the likes of meeting favourite Disney characters and those from their favourite films at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida holds another face of appeal for children- that of the friendly dolphin at SeaWorld Orlando and Orlando’s Discovery Cove. The dolphin is a fascinating creature and swimming with dolphins is a life-long dream that can come true for many at this fantastic park. Before the off, broaden your dolphin knowledge with this fascinating selection of facts.

Their teeth and appetite

Alongside swimming with dolphins, feeding these majestic sea creatures is another incredible experience, but did you know that different members of the dolphin family have varying numbers of teeth? Ranging from 8 to 250, the type of dolphin determines how many teeth they need to survive in the wild, with the classic bottlenose having around 88- 100. Dolphins don’t actually use their teeth to chew, like humans do, instead they use them to catch their food and then swallow it whole.

They do this numerous times a day as dolphins have a very hearty appetite, eating around 33 pounds of fish each and every day. This figure is equivalent to a human eating 15- 22 pounds of steak a day, leaving the typical dolphin weighing around 260 pounds.

Their appearance and skills

Dolphins are notoriously clever and intelligent animals, but they are also fantastic swimmers and divers. The deepest dive ever recorded by a bottlenose dolphin was made by that of US Navy trained dolphin Tuffy, at 300 metres deep.

To stay at a reasonable temperature when completing tasks in cold water dolphins have a thick layer of fat underneath their skin called blubber. The thickness of blubber between dolphin species determines how cold the water is that they come from, with dolphins living in colder temperatures needing a thicker layer.

Hair keeps humans warm and while dolphins don’t have hair as adults, they are actually born with whiskers. These whiskers fall out soon after birth, but they are visible on their upper jaw (rostrum) before this time.

Their popularity in the media

Understandably, these cute creatures have been the subject of much popular culture in history but they have actually been the subject of at least 17 popular films. Flipper, Dolphin Tale and Free Willy, as the orca is also a member of the dolphin family, are all great films to watch before a trip to Orlando to get the kids even more excited about meeting the cetacean mammals in real life!

New Zealand’s Top Six Best-Kept Secrets

New Zealand offers an impressive array of iconic scenery that attracts tourists year round. Shy away from the crowds and you will find beyond the iconic sites, New Zealand is rife with visual spectacles worthy of their own infamy. Take a day trip and head off the beaten track, seek these unique areas and you will find peace, serenity and the chance to feel completely lost within nature.

Here are New Zealand’s top six best-kept secrets:

New Chums Beach

Consistently named one of the world’s top beaches, New Chums Beach is, for those lucky enough to have visited; a true example of nature at it’s best. The beach is hidden away and accessible only by foot; the tranquil 30-minute walk in through native forest means the beach itself is rarely explored. This coupled with the pristine warm waters and white sands; make New Chums Beach a hidden gem.


The combination of stark landscapes, fledging vineyards and distant mountains of Bannockburn offer an intense visual overload. Originally a gold mining settlement, the area has been transformed into a stunning vineyard region. Explore the baron landscapes and historic relics of Bannockburn Sluicings.

Lake Tekapo

The iridescent milky blue water of Lake Tekapo, set off against the dramatic Southern Alps is a mesmerizing sight like no other. Though Lake Tekapo is on the tourist route through the Mackenzie Country, it is often overlooked as nothing more than a photo opportunity. Stay a little longer and Lake Tekapo will cast its spell on you with its abundance of breathtaking activities, including star-gazing at the Aoraki Mackenzie Dark Sky Reserve observatory.


Historic Akaroa is a charming seaside town, featuring dramatic scenery with a relaxed easy-going vibe. Just 75 kilometres from Christchurch, Akaroa is easily accessible, yet has the feeling you are a world away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The beautiful harbor, historic buildings and passion for spectacular cuisine make Akaroa, undeniably unique.

Waipara Valley

Situated 40 minutes north of Christchurch, The Waipara Valley is New Zealand’s fastest growing wine region and a beautiful example of North Canterbury Scenery. With 79 wineries, wine lovers are spoiled for choice. Family owned and run Pegasus Bay is the perfect place for a long lunch, set within the rolling hills with a beautiful lake, world-class cuisine and spectacular service; it is bound to captivate.

Mosquito Bay

Accessible only by boat, Mosquito Bay in the Abel Tasman really is the ideal beach paradise. Once there visitors can’t help but feel alone and as remote as you can possibly get. Offering white sand beaches, balmy turquoise waters and total privacy; Mosquito Bay is one of New Zealand’s biggest hidden treasures.

A Day-Out in London

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Located between Richmond and Kew is one of the world’s most important botanical gardens, the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew. Spread across 350 acres of lush green, the parkland houses more than three thousand species of flora. The garden holds 250 years of history and is a must see for all tourists. Within the garden area there are several galleries, museums, cafes and greenhouses making it an ideal place for an interesting day out. Themed gardens are laid throughout the park. On the east side of the park is the Pagoda, The Temperate House and the Palm House. The Pagoda is one of London’s ancient and most beautifully designed buildings. The Temperate House has been closed for the last year for a 5 year renovation plan. Other interesting parts of the garden include The Rock Garden, Waterlily Pond, Princess of Wales Conservatory and the Kew Palace. The most popular attractions at the Kew Gardens are the Treetop Walkway and the Rhizotron. While the 650 feet long treetop walkway enables you to a splendid aerial view of the park, Rhizotron lets you walk through a “pit” in the ground.

Leicester Square

Filled with cinemas, theatres, clubs, restaurants and shopping areas, Leicester Square is the perfect place to unwind. Looking to catch a glimpse of some of the famous Hollywood stars in London? Leicester Square is the place to be. Visit the place on a Friday or Saturday night and witness many kinds of amusement activities by buskers. It is conveniently located close to Covent Garden and Piccadilly Circus. Its central location, light hearted ambience and unadulterated entertainment resources make Leicester Square a favorite among both Londoners and tourists.

London Aquarium

The Sea Life London Aquarium in South Bank is one of the city’s popular family attractions. The London Aquarium brings you closer to the marvels of the ocean and leaves you totally fascinated. Highlights of the aquarium include feeding the stingrays, special diving display, touch pools of crabs and lobsters and the crab claw show. 3D models with informative graphics are a new addition to the aquarium. Watch the penguins embark on an ice adventure and meet the mighty sharks of the sea face to face. The stroll underneath the ocean amazes young and old alike. The central location of the aquarium attracts most tourists in London and is also a popular destination for school visits.

London Dungeon

London has several ancient monuments that talk about the rich and splendid history of the country. However London has faced some gruesome events in the past. The London Dungeon experience brings to the present the scary stories of London’s past in an exciting and fun way. The attraction is located close to the County Hall in South Bank. Talented artists perform shows that depict the scary history of London with special sound and visual effects. This million pound attraction takes you ten centuries back and guides you through the plague ridden streets, Jack the Ripper incidents and the medieval gates. The show has improvised with every passing day through better scripts, new shows and a refined styling of talented actors.

Jaipur – A Global Tourist Destination

Jaipur is a transnational tourist spot; people from all countries flock here, to enjoy top-quality holiday excitements. The mesmerizing environmental charm adds more cuteness to the innate placidity of Jaipur, and this natural serenity attracts a lot of tourists to this place. The enchanting bucolic excellence and the mind-blowing ancient splendors will keep everyone spellbound; moreover, the easy accessibility to all kinds of modern amenities makes the place all the more alluring.

By all means Jaipur is a fitting place to spend a much awaited holiday time! Visitors will be able to swim in the opulent natural exquisiteness and at the same time, can enjoy all of the trendy amenities of modern life, and thus can get themselves rejuvenated, both physically and mentally. With a few days of holidaying at this place, one can easily chuck out the mental pressures that might have got accumulated due to the pressures of the practical life.


Jaipur is copiously rich with historical excellence; amid the present vibrant life, you can also feel the pulse of the bygone days! The contemporary life of Jaipur lies intertwined with the past grandeur of the region, and that is the real beauty of it! The captivating environmental grandeur makes the place even more spectacular!

The awe-inspiring history of the city starts from the 12th century; it was during this period that the Kachchwaha Rajputs, who were the Mughal Empire nobles, began to colonize in the Amber region, near the Aravalli Hills. These nobles were richly rewarded by the Mughal emperors, for their loyalty towards the empire, and for the able support rendered, as far as the overall governance of the region is concerned. The aura of the ancient glories still hangs around the region! Jaipur is the first planned city of India. This was in the 18th century; the initiative was given by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, and the initial name was ‘Jainagra’.

The Best Time to Experience the Exquisiteness of Jaipur

Warm days always make holidaying more pleasing than wet days, because, tourists will be able to dig all possible corners for garnering memorable holiday moments. As far as Jaipur is concerned, the period from October to March is much suitable for holidaying. November is the winter time, and this marvelous season gets stretched to the early days of March. One can experience a typical mind-cooling cool breeze during this period, and of course, this will be highly rejuvenating!

Must See Places in Jaipur

There are quite a few exciting sites here, which will give tourists mind-boggling sight-seeing experience. The list includes ‘City Palace and Sawai Man Singh II Museum’, ‘Jantar Mantar’, ‘Hawa Mahal’, ‘Jalmahal’, ‘Jaigarh Fort’, ‘Amber Fort’, ‘Sisodia Rani Garden’, ‘Nahargarh Fort’, ‘Central Museum’, ‘Albert Hall’, ‘Birla Planetarium’, ‘Galta Monkey Temple’, ‘Laxxi Narayan Temple’, ‘Govind Devji Temple’, ‘Elefantastic’, ‘Kanak Vridavan’, ‘Shesh Mahal’ and ‘Royal Gaitor Tumbas’.


All types of holiday homes such as ordinary hotels, star hotels, heritage hotels, inns and paying guest houses are available. However, it will be always wise to book your rooms well in advance, rather than waiting for the last minute.

Popular Dishes

The popular local food items include Ghevar, Feeni, Dal Baati Churma, Missi Roti, Gajak, Chauguni Ke Laddu and Moong Thai. You must not forget to taste these items, because, you may not get such chances when you go back to your country!


Shopping augments the excitements of holidaying; without quality shopping, holidays will certainly become lackluster. Here, in Jaipur, you will certainly enjoy shopping, as there are some great shopping areas, and moreover, all of the main streets are saturated with different kinds of shops. Gems, stones, various handicrafts, blue pottery, silk-threads, jewellery and textiles are the most popular shopping items, apart from all of the modern-day products. The main shopping centers are ‘Mirza Ismail Road (MI Road)’, ‘Johri Bazar’, ‘Bapu Bazar’, ‘Busy Bazar’, ‘Chaura Rasta’, ‘Nehru Bazar’, ‘Badi Chaupar’, ‘Raja Park’, ‘Gaurav Tower’ and ‘Ganapati Plaza’, which is the most modern shopping mall.

St Martin Nightlife – Now Don’t Miss This One!

They usually say that St. Martin is a holiday island, and people flock over to the island just to have some time off from their busy lives and relax. And we are quite sure that even you just thought of the same (calm beaches, nice seafood, relaxing breeze and cool pinacoladas) at the very mention of the name St. Martin island (Well, we can’t blame you!).

But did you know that this cool and calm holiday island has another side… a much wilder side, where party animals lurk and have their time throughout the nights. The Dutch side of this holiday island is very notorious (we mean famous… ahem!) for it’s cool nightlife and happening atmosphere full of events and parties.

This area known for it’s famous pubs, bars, casinos and discos is at a stone’s throw from the cool and calm French side. And to be frank, it would be a disastrous idea if one decides to leave the island without visiting the Dutch side.
So, let’s see some of the important aspects of the nightlife in the Dutch side, shall we?

· Trendy beach bars, clubs and dance venues where you can hit the night with your friends. Down few drinks and dance throughout the night. Sounds fun, eh?

· Casinos where you can have a rendezvous with lady luck, and even date her (The Dutch side has legally sanctioned casinos… if you were wondering about that). There are altogether 15 casinos, and each of them is well equipped to give you a night to remember for the rest of your life.

· And hey, have you ever heard of the Maho village? If not, then you better listen up now. It is a party village known as the mini Las Vegas of the Caribbean. This small holiday village is full of sequins and glitter, lights and music, nightclubs, casinos etc. And yes, it is just next to the international airport (fancy a game of cards, just hours before you leave St. Martin island?).

· There are also theme bars and 24/7 film theatres in the Dutch side of the holiday island.

Well, if that has got you interested to go on a vacation, then better realize that what you have read so far was just a demo glimpse of the nightlife of the island. The full version is much more interesting, and will get you on the edge of your spine with excitement.

To book your accommodation in one of the best vacation rentals, holiday villas, condos etc which is near to the popular nightlife destinations of the Dutch side of St. Martin, just log on to:

New York’s Other Chinatown

On a cold but clear day, four of us set sail for Flushing on the #7 line. As we chatted non-stop the 45-minute ride went quickly and we surfaced into another world. The second-largest Chinese community outside China resides here-the first is in Manhattan but that may change soon.

Largely ethnic Chinese but also Korean and other Asian populations run businesses, restaurants, bakeries, groceries and nail salons. Chinese languages and dialects spoken here include Mandarin, Fuzhou, Min Nan, Wu, Beijing, Wenzhounese, Shanghainese, Cantonese, and Taiwanese (Wikipedia) but we did our business in English. Flushing sports a magnificent library complete with sages’ writings on the steps and a fine post office.

We were delighted to find that bakeries are in abundance and all Asian specialties well represented. The Chinese seem to like their pastries very sweet but that’s OK because we do, too. Some are exotic, like lotus paste mooncakes and some just your ordinary plain old flavored sweet breads. Needless to say, we tried many.

Chinese groceries abound and they carry many of the items my son likes for his kitchen-tree ears (a gelatinous kind of mushroom), fish balls, and hot Chinese chili sauce. They also show a variety of fine fruits, including the bright pink prickly pear, and vegetables. They have wonderful and unusual dried fruits and nuts at good prices and a wide range of items needed for Chinese cookery. My friend buys her ingredients in Manhattan’s Chinatown and I was sorry I didn’t follow her lead and buy some water chestnut flour for the lemon chicken I planned to make. I was shocked, shocked to find that neither Fairway nor Zabar’s stocked it.

Wandering around, we scoped out many restaurants, almost all with an A rating from the NYC Board of Health, but I am sad to tell you that the Chinese buffets we came in search of have disappeared, probably due to the aforesaid NYC Board of Health. I can see that keeping a lot of seafood on a table for eight hours or so might present problems. But there are lots of places to eat, depending on your choice of cuisine. We chose the Cantonese style Imperial Seafood Restaurant which had many delicious dishes at prices we certainly have not seen in some time-possibly decades. Do not be afraid to try something new-we did and although we didn’t like it much, it didn’t cost a lot and we still had a million or so other dishes on the table.

Which Caribbean Island Is Right for You?

Bask in the sun on white sandy beaches, dip your toes in the balmy turquoise waters and it is easy to see why the Caribbean has been described as Heaven on Earth. The region made up of over 700 islands enchants and entices. Escape to this intoxicating region and prepare for a visual overload of bright and beautiful colours.

Offering an abundance of dazzling natural paradises, choose to plunge into the crystal waters, hike through tropical rainforest or explore the seductive old towns. Each island offering something unique; there really is something for everyone among these fascinating islands. Below the Amazing Accom staff define which Caribbean island is right for you.

Antigua & Barbuda: Laid back and featuring a large number of smaller beaches. These resort islands, feature breathtaking white sands and azure waters and are all encompassing and relaxing. Perfect for those who like to holiday with ease.

Anguilla: Isolated and captivating offering beautiful beaches and an endless summer. Anguilla has a rich local history and a buzzing restaurant scene. The island is ideal for those who seek luxury and relaxation away from the swarms of tourists.

Aruba: The most touristy of the islands in the Caribbean, Aruba offers incredible hospitality, warm waters and a host of activities ranging from designer shopping malls to cutting edge restaurants and bars. Head to Aruba if you are after a vacation with everything on offer.

Barbados: Beautiful beaches, vast tropical rain forest and world-famous rum; Barbados is a tropical paradise popular for its fascinating scenery and killer surf. Barbados is the place for those who seek an action packed adventure holiday.

Puerto Rico: A blend of Spanish, Indian and African influences, Puerto Rico is both intoxicating and unique. A fascinating mix of beautiful beaches, lush rain forests, colonial charm and a thriving cultural heart. Puerto Rico is the ideal destination for those seeking a vibrant vacation rich in history, sun and fun!

St Barthelemy: A playground for the rich and famous, St Barthelemy dazzles and charms with its beautiful white sand beaches and sparkling waters. Offering world-class shopping and dining experiences, St Barthelemy is the perfect place for glamour, relaxation and pampering.

St Martin: Packed full of punch St Martin can be described as the Caribbean’s ultimate party destination. The stunning scenery sets the backdrop for long nights dancing to the calypso rhythm. St Martin is best for those who wish to experience the lively Creole culture and aren’t afraid of a few late nights!